El Salvador Santa Ana Mission
January 2015- January 2017

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tue 1/20/2015 12:15 PM

Week 3 here in the CCM. Things have been getting pretty routine here. I bet you guys don’t even feel like I'm gone. I forgot to ask why Mom didn't write last week except for 2 forwarded letters. Whelp whatever. The computers weren't working so I’ll prob sent out my letter in two parts. We have lunch and then we are going to the central market it’s going to be sweet I hope. This morning we did a temple session in the Guatemala City temple it was way cool. We did it in English and like 2 ladies had translators. It’s pretty quiet here cause all of the Hispanic Elders have left for their missions there is 2 American districts here and we have all been doing different stuff together for today. During sports we started playing volleyball after the Latinos leave cause we have sports 30 min after cause it overlaps and now in order to get ripped our mission president is ripped and does these work out videos so me and another Elder are going to do them cause he told us to start to jaja. We going to get super ripped. After though we play volleyball with our district and its way fun. I forgot to tell you the first week here they gave us all haircuts so now my hair is super short but it’s starting to grow back to normal but its makes my head look all round jaja. I also forgot to make sure you guys tell Jackson happy birthday for me. I wish i had addresses so I could write letters but i guess not. I bought some colored pencils at the store but I still have to wear my glasses and shave without a handle but I’ve learned to live with it. What does the mission book in my room say about contacts because people coming to Guatemala said not to use them but I don’t remember that. I haven't seen anyone else wearing contacts. So I’m a lot better now. The nurse gave me a traveler’s diarrhea pill. And now I’m a lot better although someday the food in the cafe in gross and sometimes its good. In church they always make me play the piano and don’t let me choose the song I guess it’s just a Latin thing they want to do whatever they want idk. Plus its super hard cause if you lose your place you don’t know where you’re at. Cause it’s all in Spanish. I wish I had stellar piano skills but i don’t and the Latinos don’t like some of the American favorites but whatever I do the best I can. The other day i had to get a tetanus and a typhoid shot. i guess we messed up idk. one missionary in our district told us this funny story about how when his Dad was on a mission they taught a lesson and he had one job to do that was to read 1 Nephi 3:7 he said his Dad accidently read 3 Nephi 3:7 and I’ll let you guys read that one ha its pretty funny though. But things are going really great here. I’m starting to understand what it really means to study before the mission i would just read to learn and stuff but as a missionary there is so much to study and look up because you have so many resources and so much they you want to study and learn but you don’t have enough time. We also have been improving our teaching skills our last lesson went super Good lessons should be way more personal and the only way to do that is through asking inspired questions. You start to realize people that are so ready for the Gospel when you teach and know what they need and how you could teach them like the lady at the food pantry. Anyways I don’t think I’ll be writing later so I won’t see your emails if there is any :( so I better hear double. ha-ha
Elder Hendricks
P.S. someone should tell Elder Anderson that the chocolate milk here is gross
P.S.S They took our cameras and MP3s when we got here but ill have the camera at the central market today so hopefully I’ll have some sweet pic next week

Wed 1/14/2015 11:00 AM

How’s it going!? Sorry if my typing is bad but these Keyboards are really annoying. It has the layout of a regular keyboard but the letters on the keyboard show the layout of an American keyboard.  Anyways things are going real good here. When did Mike get home? Oh and thanks for the scores. I was gonna be real upset if I logged on and didn't hear one thing about the playoff game. Seems like Ohio state’s 3rd string QB was too much for the Heisman winner . But I cant believe no one has told me about the NFL??? Seriously?
 So this week has gone by really fast although the first day was stinking slow. Even though we slept like half of the day . I think it was slow because that night flight was so long it stunk. But things are going real good. Besides the fact that everyone here feels like they are in prison . So everyday I get up and make some toast it’s delicious. I love it. My life is good. jk we get ready for the day have personal study then language study. (and I’m just gonna give up on punctuation now cause this keyboard is annoying sorry) but then we get taught lessons like all day we have lunch at 12:30 sports at 3:30 which is really funny because the walls around the sports area which is outside is like over ten feet tall so it’s like playing sports in jail. And somehow two elders have managed to hit a basketball and a volleyball over the fence . Now the sisters can’t play volleyball anymore. But there is a gym area next to the basketball and volleyball courts that have ellipticals and weights to use. Usually I just play basketball with the Latinos and then run once they leave cause we have sports 30 min after them. But it’s sweet. The weather here is amazing but some of the Latinos think its cold  I’ve heard a lot of people say El Salvador is hot but I’m pretty sure that’s all relative... idk but Santa Ana is in the mountains I’ve heard and most people are from San Salvador and not Santa Ana and it’s hotter in San Salvador. The food here is pretty good but lately it’s been making me sick... I’ll get to that later ha. We have a teacher in the morning and a teacher in the afternoon evening. My companion is Elder Kesler. He is from Oregon and he is a super nice guy. Only the sisters here are from Utah and I didn’t see them on the plane we all met up in L.A. which is Huge. The airport and the city from what I saw on the plane. We had a sister from New Jersey that lived in Mexico and she is only here for two weeks so she isn’t in our district. And an elder from California who is in the Latino district who knew Spanish. Our district is just the Americans that all came in at the same time. There is three elders from Oregon who didn’t know each other before and they are all going to the same mission Guatemala este. And another Elder who is from Washington who is going to qtalcennango. And the sisters are all from Utah 3 are going to qtalcenango and 1 is going to my mission. Anyways, every night we teach our second teacher as a mock investigator. Which has gone really well. He has said our lessons have been getting better but he says that to the whole group so I hope they are getting better. After our fourth lesson we got him to commit to baptism which was super awesome. He is getting baptized Friday at 7 (haha). My companion knows Spanish pretty well so it makes our lessons really easy cause we can both talk and understand what our teacher is saying during the lessons. So anyways now to make my letters like Cameron. Yesterday I woke up and my stomach was hurting. I had diarrhea and food didn’t seem too appetizing. I had some fruit and yogurt for breakfast. We went to study and I couldn’t stay awake. After falling asleep I woke up and my stomach hurt really bad and so I told my comp I needed to go to the bathroom I went down there and puked like 8 times in the toilet and went back to study.  Later I asked the zone leader if I should go to the nurse to get Gatorade and 7 up which is what the card says so do but the nurse wasn’t there so I got some pepto and tums from the ZLs I couldn’t eat anything at lunch but after we went to the nurse and she gave me a pill and Gatorade and crackers and by then I was feeling pretty achy we went to distribution and while I was waiting I had to sit down. I couldn’t hold myself up. That was before lunch. Oh and the temple is closed now but apparently we get to go every morning on P-day which is sweet. The only thing separating the CCM and us is a gas station and there’s guards in front of it holding shot guns which is crazy. Gas here is like 20.20 which is i guess like 3 something dollars in American money. I exchanged some money for Guatemalan money so when we go to the central market I can get something if I want to. anyways after I went to the nurse she said if you need to sleep do it so I went to sleep and slept from like 1-7:30 and I was feeling better the other elders came in and said there was an apostle here so I was like I’ll get up for that but he was actually in the Provo MTC and it was broadcast here which was lame but it was a great devotional David F. Evans spoke along with sister Nelson and Elder Nelson. But, an apostle is really coming but not until the 26th I think its Elder Anderson. Anyways. It’s really sweet to have Latinos here we talk to them at lunch breakfast and dinner. Oh and I’m feeling better today. We are getting to know the Latinos and stuff but it’s going to stink next week when they all leave and we have to meet new ones. there is another district here that’s is like a week and a half ahead of us that has Americans-- they came a couple days after Christmas I’m pretty sure and I think we will get more North Americans next week. But time flies pretty quickly when you only have an hour anyways                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 peace and love, Elder Hendricks.
P.S. If you want to send stuff they said don’t put stickers on it of the virgin Mary or anything just put elder Parker Hendricks p.p.s i forgot my shaver handle and contacts case so I have been wearing my glasses. Oh and hangers would be nice if you guys want to send them although I can buy them here. They said it takes 12 days. Anyways I’ll talk to you guys later.

January 7th 2015

This is your son Elder Hendricks. Just writing to tell you I made it safely into Guatemala and I am in the CCM now. We are supposed to tell you that my P day is on monday and not wednesday. Things are going pretty good here. We arrived at 6:30 this morning got to the CCM had some breakfast met the President who is pretty awesome. Then, we took a nap. We got up for lunch and then now we have started our day. Well we only have 5 minutes so all is good here. Have fun in lame ol' missoura jaja.
Peace and Love,
Elder Hendricks