El Salvador Santa Ana Mission
January 2015- January 2017

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hey fam!

Things are going pretty good here in Santa Ana. Looks like the wedding was super sweet and that Zack and Spencer are growing out their hair jaja. The rainy season has started and it rains just about every day! It had been raining about every night but we have only come home soaked about 2 times. Now it’s raining during the day and it feels like October. It’s been pretty cloudy during the day and then about 2 o clock to 4 it starts raining. Saturday it was super cloudy and basically sprinkling all day which was super awesome because the weather was perfect but the work is not perfect. It’s a lot harder to contact people or get members to leave with you when it’s cloudy and rainy... nobody really wants to do much and with a fast you gotta avoid the people who always give food jaja jk. Anyways this week was super fast and full of stuff. By the way I got your letters! Thanks! I got a huge group of like 8 letters on Friday when we had our district meeting I think that there had been a back up on letters but everyone was pretty jealous jaja. Its sweet I love to get letters even when Brynlee is just rubbing Florida in my face jaja --but seriously don’t hesitate to send them jaja. Also, thanks Granddad and Grandma it’s great to hear from you guys every week! I got the reception invitation Friday and it’s too bad it didn't come earlier because I might have been able to go jaja, but I had already made plans. It looks sweet but I’m a little confused at why I wasn't invited to the wedding? jaja jk jk. Anyways its super sweet to have conference and the song of hymns of our Savior --Come Thou Fount is super awesome. Are there more songs on the album or more like that song? If you just send it through email I can prob put it on the MP3 but it might be easier if you just send it to me although it takes a lot longer. Oh and the talk by Elder Holland is super awesome he really pulls out the machete jaja. The talk his grace is sufficient is super sweet also. I had listened to it before but it’s sweet to have it on paper. Anyways this week we moved! We weren’t living in our area before and we still don't live in our area jaja, but now we live  a lot closer. We were walking like 15 minutes to our area and 20 to the church.  Now it’s like 5 minutes by bus if we are lucky and 10 walking and like 3 blocks to our area which is way better although the house we are in now is Huge! At some point there were 4 missionaries in this house but now only 2. The thing that happened with the house is that the missionaries that were living here one ended his mission mid change. I’m not exactly sure why but anyways he ended mid change and so they closed this area which put no missionaries in this house. Well the house is much closer so we asked if we could move to the house and they said yes which was sweet. although when we showed up the house was super dirty so we have been spending the mornings and nights cleaning and yes I did what all of my brothers have done I went into the shower dumped straight bleach and now its white and not black. Now the house is pretty clean and its super sweet. Anyways this week was pretty sweet although we are finding a lot of investigators which is awesome they aren't progressing very fast. Although we have a family that’s a reference of a member that we are gonna have a family night with them. They were gonna come to church, but then his brother died so we are gonna throw down the lesson 2 which will help him a lot. The family is super awesome and he is super weak from what happened to his brother so hopefully he can find peace.  We have been teaching the mom of Claudia who is still attending the other ward but the prob is that it is earlier and she is super busy in her work right now. She goes to church and then goes to work but she said that it is going to calm down and that she will go at 10 the next week to our ward. but anyways we have been teaching her mom named Adela and she is super great but she owns a pupuseria and makes pupusas in the morning in the market and so she is super busy Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays because these days are the most busy. We went Sunday and she gave us pupusas as a gift which was sweet hopefully it’s not against the Sabbath. jaja. Anyways she was super busy and said she might be able to come but then wasn't able. She has seen the changes in her daughter since baptism and this really makes her want to be baptized but the big problem is the work. We have taught her to have faith and the Lord will prepare a way but its super hard. We are gonna try to keep helping her and do what we can and rely on the Holy Ghost so that hopefully she can receive the blessings of the Gospel. She has accepted a baptismal goal but if she can’t go to church it’s hard to keep it but we will see what will happen. The Ramirez family is starting to activate super well which is super awesome. They have been coming to church the last three weeks and 3 weeks ago she received a calling. The bishop said oh look all she needed was a calling and I was thinking this is what we have been saying since February! But it’s all good and she and Steven went to all 3 classes which was super awesome! Anyways I hope we are gonna have a sweet week. And you guys have fun in your trip!

Elder Hendricks