El Salvador Santa Ana Mission
January 2015- January 2017

Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Hey Fam,
I doubt I will have time to write my family letter. The ZLs want us out of here ASAP. So basically when the time is up they kick us out. But I can prob do it another way I will see. This week is changes and I am staying here in Indepencia with Elder Lopez. This means that He is going to die with me. Yes it is his last change. We are going to work hard in making sure he doesn’t leave the mission baggy. That’s sweet for Colton to be in the office. Elder Lopez only trained for 6 weeks instead of 12 and after his first 6 weeks he went to the office and hasn’t been just a normal missionary since then. He went DL, ZL, AP, ZL, Trainer. Which is pretty crazy, but I’m glad I have a trainer who has a lot of experience from leading.

How much money did you guy put in my bank – 50? Could you take out 5.20 from my account and pay tithing. This week I’m super stoked about Friday we have an excursion to the temple with investigators. We go up there and about half the day. There are two groups one in the morning and one in the afternoon. But we are going to be there all day because my comp is Elder Lopez and he is driving one of the vans back in the night. It's gonna be sweet. President talks to all the investigators in the chapel and after there is a bunch of stations where they can learn about the temple. After Saturday and Sunday we have conference it’s gonna be super sweet. I hope we have a bunch of investigators at these things. There are 6 things so they have no excuse not to go to one jaja.

Sunday we had two people confirmed in church which was sweet. Steven and Noemi were baptized, but Steven and the family didn’t come to church. Pablo and Noemi were confirmed this weekend and we hope to have a baptism with Kevin... yes another! jaja its super sweet. Kevin has 16 years and he wants to be baptized he lives on the limit of our area, but it’s super close to the chapel. He is an inv from Molino that Elder Lopez brought over after changes the last time. He is a super good guy and wants to serve a mission also. He has had many challenges in his live and he lives with his grandma who isn’t very accepting to the missionaries, but she signed the form which is awesome.

From this last week the work continues to move forward. We have a new video from the church that we have been watching with member it’s called GraciasAQueElVive prob something like that. “He Lives” in English. It’s super awesome. This video is amazing and we have pass along cards with it. It’s kind of like “He is the Gift” from Christmas. Members are the best for references. All of our next baptisms are references from members and our old baptisms. Our bishop is super happy with us. I don’t believe this ward has had many baptisms is the past and the last two weeks in a row we have had 5 --the hermanas had 2.  It’s super awesome! The members are necessary for the work. Without them we wouldn’t have any chosen people to teach that are progressing. Anyways this week should be super awesome and I am way excited. We had dinner with members Saturday and saw a part of the women’s conference jaja. In order to improve the relationship between members and missionaries we have made a food calendar which is super sweet. The future missionaries are gonna love us jaja. Anyway, take care. Thanks for all the love and support.
Elder Hendricks
P.S. Don’t be afraid to share the gospel even just the churches new video. The worst they’re gonna say is no... 

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