El Salvador Santa Ana Mission
January 2015- January 2017

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 2 from Santa Ana

Sounds like things back home are going real good. aww how I miss snow. It super hot here but its all good-- I get used to it. What did you guys do to my Room? Whatever though haha. That so sweet BYU beat Gonzaga! It's whatever with the Thunder though because once Westbrook and Durant are out they struggle a lot. 

I have a video for Brynlee to watch: the Mormon message about the little boy and the scorpion. Tell her to write me about it and apply it to her own life. Things here are going good. I can understand more and more each day although there are some days I feel like a take a step back. I do feel like a bag of sand in each lesson although I bear my testimony and can say some memorized things like the how to begin teaching. I had it all down in the CCM but here my mind is blank. It's super hard but other than learning the language I also have to learn to teach the gospel in that language. I need to think the gospel in Spanish. It's super hard because at times I feel like I'm losing my understand and abilities, but it will get better. As Elder Bednar said once-- most people don't realize the strengthening ability of the atonement along with the healing. The only thing i really need to understand is when the spirit talks to me. In the CCM I was playing piano for sacrament meeting and president asks me if I could play a song for the devotional that day so I wrote a piano rendition to "O My Father" and played it. It was super sweet.

Anyway we had a talent show in our ward and I almost had to play a song and was gonna play it but I didn't have to. Another sister in our ward played the guitar and the four of us sang "I am a child of God". I hope you got my mas Cerca Dios de Ti song I sent. Anyways the people here are super great. We have only ate lunch at people's houses and they don't eat papuses for lunch only breakfast and dinner. Although all the ladies here always make tortillas and so you always eat tortillas at meals and they're not American tortillas jaja. they always offer refresco to us though and the drinks here are super delicious. there is a soda here that is super popular only here its called Kolashanpan you guys should look it up and try it its super good. As far as letters-- all letters go to the mission office so you don't have to worry about my address changing. Thursday the new people went to San Salvador. It was cool and I got to see the temple. There is an activity with the mission to bring investigators to the temple in April to see it and walk around.  It's not to far away like 45 minutes. 
Anyway the van broke down on the way there and we had to take a bus back. 4 new missionaries I had no idea what to do but we made it safely back. It was an interesting experience because in the city every time we stop salesman get on the bus and sell to us jaja. I slept basically the whole time. We got to the mission office where my comp was and we got on a bus to go back with another set of elders and did a bus contact It was super cool. We just told the bus who we were and asked if anyone wanted to make changes in their lives. We got a couple references and handed out cards it was cool though. Sunday we had 3 baptism dates set for the 15 but only 3 people came to church and 1 from that group. Hopefully we can have more. When we found out one of the guys wasn't coming we left the church 5 minutes before to go get him. I thought of the scripture to leave the 99 and get the one. It was a great experience for me as to what is missionary work. We have to leave the 99 and get the 1 although he wasn't able to come it was a lesson to me. the first week here we went to mutual and here everyone goes. We met a man who was the brother of a member that wants to be baptized he has missed 2 sacrament meetings but he is super excited to learn and hear of the gospel.  anyways the peanut butter has been great i eat it about everyday jaja.
Con Amor,
Elder Hendricks

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