El Salvador Santa Ana Mission
January 2015- January 2017

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 5 In Independencia.

Things are going good here. Seems like the party is over and back to work. Yesterday Pablo was baptized! It was super sweet and I did the ordinance. It was super cool and afterwards the spirit was super strong. We didn't baptize Steven because he didn't come to church. The problem with him is he is young and lives with a less active family that doesn't really understand the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy. Which makes it super hard for us to be able to get them to church. But, hopefully we can reactivate them and baptize him next Sunday. He understands the importance of baptism and wants to be baptized which is super sweet! At the baptism yesterday the mother of Pablo and his sister came and his sister has a little girl. I’ll send pics. But the mother has been inactive for a while and is a super nice lady. We are going to try to teach her also and reactivate her --vamos a ver. After the baptism Pablo shared his testimony and talked about how Alma had been racked with torment, but through Christ he was able to overcome. Pablo has faced difficulties but he has overcome them and made one of the greatest decisions in his life --to take upon him the name of Christ and follow him.

My Spanish is coming along really well. Yes, I can bear my testimony in Spanish. I can understand more or less of what people are saying. Church not really, but lessons ya. When people talk quiet or tell stories its super hard to understand although.

Some different things -- people peeing in the street. Churches everywhere. Dogs in the street. Cars that have huge speakers on top that drive around super loud advertising things. But it’s all good. Jaja. This Saturday we have another baptism. This is with Naomi. She is the wife of a convert of a year. He is a super good guy and is a counselor in the Elders Quorum. She supposedly was baptized a year ago but there is no record of it so we are teaching her. We always teach at members houses with her cause they live way out of the area. It’s really common with converts here, because they become comfortable in this ward so they stay here. But she really wants an eternal family so most of our lessons have been focused on that. But it’s going super well and my comp is great. I am having fun and learning a lot from him. As far as the area we had splits with the ZL´s and DL´s this week and I have been humbled and seen a lot more of the poorer areas. But it’s all super sweet! 
Elder Hendricks

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